3 Dental Dangers For Toddlers

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Hello new parents! We know that keeping babies and toddlers safe and healthy requires continual effort. You clip them tightly in their car seats, baby-proof your medicine cabinet, and guard the stairway with a gate. You take them to your pediatrician for immunizations, check-ups, and an occasional prescription for an antibiotic.

Dr. B’s Pediatric Dentistry wants to remind you about another important component of child wellness: oral health. Sadly, we see too many cases of completely preventable child tooth decay. You have probably received the following advice, but it bears repeating:

  1. Don’t put babies to bed with a bottle
  2. Don’t allow little ones to drink juice continually during the day
  3. Prevent frequent snacking on sugary foods

Oral health is connected to overall physical health and normal development. If your oral hygiene is not up to par, now is the time to shape up and help your young child develop best-practice oral health behaviors that will serve them well throughout their life.

Dr. B’s Pediatric Dentistry recommends beginning twice-yearly dental visits around age one or when the first tooth appears. Our friendly staff helps young patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their exams.

Doctor Adolfo Barrera can advise you on thumb sucking, dental sealants, normal child tooth development, braces, athletic tooth protection, fluoride, or any other pediatric dental issue.

Dentistry with heart is what sets us apart!

At Dr. B’s Pediatric Dentistry, we take special care of our youngest patients and their parents. To schedule a dentist visit in San Jose, call us today.


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