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Sedation Dentistry

If you have ever felt anxiety over a dental appointment, you are not alone. It’s very common to have some degree of stress about the dental chair. Some even experience it so strongly that they completely avoid getting the healthcare they deserve. Children are no exception.

Our goal is to help your child get that care with as little stress and discomfort as possible. One of the ways we do this is through sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Children's sedation dentistry options with Campbell, CA pediatric dentist Dr. Barrera include laughing gas.In our office, we offer sedation dentistry as a way to help your child relax during the appointment. This is an add-on that can be used with almost any dental procedure.

Our sedation method of choice is laughing gas.0

Shortly before your child’s procedure, we will administer laughing gas through a mask on their nose. This gas takes effect almost immediately. They will not be unconscious. Laughing gas simply helps reduce their anxiety through the entirety of the appointment.

The Benefits of Laughing Gas

Laughing gas pediatric sedation has been used safely in dental procedures for more than a hundred years. It is highly effective, and it produces several benefits.

Laughing Gas Is Safe | This substance is non-allergenic and produces only mild effects. While breathing it in controlled amounts, you will be totally conscious, totally aware of your surroundings, and totally able to respond to questions and conversation.

Laughing Gas Is an Anxiolytic | One of the natural effects of laughing gas is specifically to reduce anxiety, including dental anxiety.

Laughing Gas Does Not Metabolise | Laughing gas does not get absorbed into your system, like many other substances. It has its effect while you are breathing it, but as soon as the procedure is over, it only takes a few minutes to completely leave your system.

Laughing Gas Is Fast | You don’t have to arrive early to take any medication, nor will you have to wait around for the effect to set in. The sedation effect will begin within a minute or two of administration.

Laughing Gas Requires No Special Preparation | Some medications or surgery procedures require diet, sleep, or time restrictions beforehand. Laughing gas does not. You only need to show up for your appointment, and we’ll take care of the rest.

My son had this service done after a accident at school. We were so worried. But Dr. B’s awesome staff got us in right away. Thank you Dr. B and to all your staff. You really made me and my son feel comfortable.

Jane DoeAwesome Mom

Children’s Sedation Dentistry

Many children have the same dental anxieties and stresses that adults do. Yet it is just as vital for them to have proper healthcare.

Some forms of sedation dentistry are not child-friendly. That’s why we like laughing gas so much. It is completely safe to use in sedation dentistry for children. Any children that are given laughing gas receive the same benefits listed above—and all completely safely.

We make it a priority to help children have positive dental experiences through our comfortable office, caring staff, and years of experience. Offering safe children’s sedation dentistry is something we’re dedicated to.

Talk to Us About Your Child’s Needs

Laughing gas sedation dentistry helps anxious children in San Jose.Everyone has unique needs and experiences regarding the dentist. If your child is nervous or anxious about the dentist, talk to us about children’s sedation dentistry. This may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for!

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